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Frozen Condensate Pipe

The condensate pipe leads from your boiler to the outside and expels acidic fluid. As the fluid is slightly corrosive it’s usual to use a plastic polymer pipe to take the fluid out safely. In cold weather it’s not unheard of to have a frozen condensate pipe and it blocks causing the boiler to perform…

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old boilers

The Dangers of Old Boilers

We don’t expect your boiler looks anything like this poor old fella but it illustrates that nothing lasts forever and eventually your boiler will wear out and be beyond repair. You can, of course, extend the life of your old boilers with regular servicing but even then you know that one day it will be…

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clothes on radiators

Clothes On Radiators – Don’t!

OK, so the kids have come home from school having been caught in a nasty shower, or you’ve been out shopping and that lorry driver just had to aim for the puddle as you walked past. You get home and what do you do? Stick your wet clothes on radiators to dry.  But we urge…

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cold radiator

Why Do I Have Cold Radiators?

Good question! If the boiler is working but you are experiencing tepid or cold radiators it could mean a faulty pump or heating controls. Your boiler may be working, but not functioning efficiently, possibly due to fault or lack of maintenance. Alternatively, the cause may be blocked, dirty pipework or air trapped in the system…

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