old boilers

The Dangers of Old Boilers

We don’t expect your boiler looks anything like this poor old fella but it illustrates that nothing lasts forever and eventually your boiler will wear out and be beyond repair. You can, of course, extend the life of your old boilers with regular servicing but even then you know that one day it will be time to say goodbye.

Many people think that they can simply buy a boiler from anyone and someone like Uncle Barry (because he’s always been handy) to install it. Please don’t. Boiler installation is a highly specialised job and it is also illegal to install a boiler if you are not a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Even if you don’t use us, this is essential for safety reasons as well as legal.

If you’re concerned about the age of your boiler – most will last a good 10 years or so – give us a call on 07807 062042 and we can make an assessment. It’s worth it. If your boiler merely needs a service, we’ll carry it out for you and give you an estimate on its remaining life. If not, we are able to install a brand new, efficient wall-mounted boiler at low cost.

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